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The price of housing in Spain rises by 0.9% in the third quarter The price stands at 2,007 euros / m2 · Prices rise monthly (0.2%) and year-on-year (7.5%)

The price of used housing in Spain registered a rise of 0.9% during the third quarter of the year. This rise leaves the square meter at 2,007 euros, according to the latest idealista price  index. According to the annual variation, prices have increased by 7.5% in the last 12 months. According to Francisco Iñareta, spokesman for idealista, "neither the fall in sales nor the increase in financing: one of the parameters that most affects real estate right now is the lack of...

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The normalization of the rental market is neither seen nor expected, according to experts

The rental of housing is experiencing a moment of great uncertainty with prices touching historical highs, according to data from idealista, in the face of an increasing demand against a supply of flats for rent that is increasingly reduced for reasons such as the decline of small investors or the uncertainty created by the entry into force of the Housing Law. The experts consulted by idealista / news affirm that the recovery of the rental market, in a scenario w...

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Home sales and mortgage firm record their slightest fall in August since the arrival of the covid-19

The housing market continues to register red numbers half a year after the onset of the covid-19 health crisis, although declines are gradually moderated. According to advance data published by Property Registrars, 29,671 home sales, 12.7% less year-on-year, and 18,745 home loans were formalized in August, 2.8% than a year earlier. Although falls continue from last year, they are the best figures since last February, just before the arrival of the coronavirus. In fact...

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Fear of new confinement and contained demand intensify home purchase

The contained demand and a greater interest in housing located outside the urban area precipitate the purchase decision of many buyers concerned about the return to confinement in a second wave of the pandemic, according to the latest barometer of the real estate sector developed by Quality Real Estate. The company concludes that the third quarter of the year has remained active in transactions, prices have remained and properties that were not in the urban area have been sold.

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