The price of housing in Spain rises by 0.9% in the third quarter The price stands at 2,007 euros / m2 · Prices rise monthly (0.2%) and year-on-year (7.5%)

The price of used housing in Spain registered a rise of 0.9% during the third quarter of the year. This rise leaves the square meter at 2,007 euros, according to the latest idealista price  index. According to the annual variation, prices have increased by 7.5% in the last 12 months.

According to Francisco Iñareta, spokesman for idealista, "neither the fall in sales nor the increase in financing: one of the parameters that most affects real estate right now is the lack of supply of housing for sale, a widespread phenomenon throughout the territory that is responsible for prices continue to rise in most a of markets".

The spokesman for idealista adds that "we must not forget that there is still an important part of the demand that is highly qualified and has resources, so it hardly needs financing. According to the latest official data, more than half of the operations are made without financing and the data we handle in idealista tell us that most of those who are currently looking to buy a home already have another one in property, which facilitates the process and reduces the financial costs of the operation ". And he continues, "this must be joined by the strength of foreign demand, especially intense on the Mediterranean coast and the islands. All this means that, far from registering falls in prices, housing continues to rise, registering historical highs in the most dynamic markets such as Madrid, Palma, San Sebastian or Malaga, although the trend is towards stabilization".

The big capitals saw how the expectations of the sellers increased

There are 12 capitals that have seen the price of housing fall in these three months. The largest drop was recorded in A Coruña (-1.5%), followed by Vitoria (-1.2%), Pamplona (-1.2%), Salamanca (-0.9%), Cuenca (-0.8%) and Murcia (-0.8 %).

The big markets saw sellers' expectations rise. The largest increase was in Malaga, where they grew by 4.3%, followed by Palma (3.2%) and Alicante (2.9%). The cities of Madrid, Barcelona and Bilbao have shared a growth of 0.6% in the last three months, while Seville has remained at 0.2%.

The highest increases were registered in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, where they grew by 8.7%, Huesca (7.5%), Ávila (5.6%) and Almería (5.5%). Eight cities set all-time highs in this month of September: Madrid, Melilla, San Sebastián, Cádiz, Palma, Pontevedra, Málaga and Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

San Sebastian is the most expensive Spanish capital (5,355 euros/m2), followed by Barcelona (4,155 euros/m2), Madrid (4,037 euros/m2), Palma (3,909 euros/m2) and Bilbao (3,191 euros/m2). On the opposite side of the table, we find Zamora, the cheapest capital, with a price of 1,116 euros / m2.

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