One of the most festive times of the year, Christmas, and she approaches vacation. During these holidays so designated it is a good time to buy a House because sellers are in a hurry to follow with their Christmas routine and this makes negotiations much faster. In addition, the festive atmosphere leads to accept "offers impossible". Inma Vives, an expert in marketing and sales for the real estate sector gives several advantages to keep in mind if you're thinking of buying House:

Sellers are in a hurry to follow with their Christmas routine and this makes negotiations much faster. In addition, the festive atmosphere leads to accept "offers impossible". Take that to try to close the operation as soon as possible. It is considered from the end of the year tax issues. Analyzes the fiscal situation you and your family well and thinks about how it affects the purchase of housing in your tax return and how changes the result if you purchase at the end of a year or at the beginning of the next. There are fewer people buying and you could get better prices. The market for for a few weeks and this makes vendors who sell urge nervous and lower priced properties which, with the new year, rise again. Visit these houses that are falling in price and propose your price subject to the signing of the contract before the end of the year. You can you have a few vacation days at work and dedicate them to the formalities that you will necessarily have to be done as soon as you decide to purchase. Use those vacation days you've saved for Christmas. You could dedicate them to the efforts that you are going to have to do with banks, government agencies, supplies and thousand details high will arise and that you were not expecting. If you get that you addressed in banks, notaries and others, there will be no 'waiting list' to sign those days. But yes, inform them as soon as possible your intention to sign everything before end of year to organize themselves, because there are procedures that rely on other professionals and they must organize the operation as if it were a "Tetris". If the Bank has not covered the year objectives, it will rush to sign your mortgage before the end of the year, and this is great for you. They will put the red carpet and you'll get unbeatable conditions. Therefore, if you have choice, visit several banks and stay with the best. If you have already decided not to abandon the process of searching for your home during the Christmas period, you want to consider some issues:

Ten day and prepared all the documentation that you already know that you will ask. He thinks that, if you make any transaction to update, you can not do it until after the holidays. Be prepared at any time if you want to revisit the House or any other matter that requires third parties. You feel that others may have commitments 'extra' and will get a hollow to serve you. You must be a bit flexible in terms of appointments and hours that you have to be, with both the seller and the rest of professionals that, inevitably, you'll have to get together. You think that they will also enjoy the holidays and your family and may have unavoidable commitments. Prepared with time moving so that the new year caught you fully installed in your new home If you need to register the supplies in your new home, may be needed more days than usual so that everything works correctly. And this may delay the process. Keep that in mind to organize everything else since no supplies there are actions that are paralyzed. Consider the fact that there are issues that only can do them when have completely passed the festivities, as it can be to find child care for kids or college for the biggest change. Even if you want to finish as soon as possible, to hurry you do not blind. Well check that run everything in your new home because, otherwise, you run the risk of starting the new year "with a bad foot". If one of the things that you think to take into account in your decision to purchase is the atmosphere of the quarter in which is located the new House, considered the fact that during the Christmas period the streets, neighborhoods, are transformed. It is possible that January to give you a blow of reality that you don't expect. Now that you are ready to put you on a comfortable shoe, wrap up well and go into the street to search the House where you want to wake up next year.

You'll have the luck that will be very few people to continue in the process and, therefore, you can control the market. The negative part is that the rest of the process will be much less control, depending of facts that will be concatenated and may despair.

But, considered to take advantage of the positive part of shopping at Christmas and adapt to the pace that set these festivities.

"Finally, enjoy. Christmas is a magical time in the year and purchase

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